Supply Chain

The single universal truth that defines the resale industry: Success is driven by access to product.

·     Greater access to product allows for broader retail selection (volume, depth, specialization).

·     Greater access to product allows for higher quality offering (condition, brand, price points).

·     Greater access to product allows for more competitive pricing.

Because TSM continues to develop mutually beneficial relationships with solicitation and collection operations, we can offer your organization consistent access to a wide selection of the highest quality used clothing and household goods in the country.










Special Categories & Sorts

TSM provides stable and sustainable supply that meets or exceeds industry standards for our resale customers. We will supply your operation with the mix you need.

·     Credential product (unsorted used clothing, shoes, accessories, household good, and more).
·     Specialized categories and quality sorts that can assist you in balancing retail selection for your customers' unique requirements.

 Contact us about your needs. We are certain that TSM can offer a supply and service solution tailored to your business.



Business Development

Through business development consultation services, TSM provides actionable information for its customers, allowing you to optimize strategic markets and prioritize growth. This service will help identify and make changes that contribute more profit to your operation.

·    Our innovative service enables us to provide flexible support and the right solutions to fit your needs.

·    We can help design and deploy up-to-date business practices to increase efficiency and productivity.

·    We help identify and resolve your issues quickly and effectively.

·    By putting your success first we will help you build a sustainable, competitive advantage.



Marketing and Merchandising

With a breadth and depth of experience in the resale industry, TSM intimately knows your donors and thrift customers. We offer strategic tactical advice and consultation to assist you in your marketing and merchandising needs.

·    We will assess your challenges and marketing needs.

·    Design, test, implement, and optimize the best possible solutions.

·    Be there to provide support and ongoing advice.