At TSM we are focused on the success of our customers. We excel in managing supply chains, from solicitation and collection through delivery to resale stores. By understanding your organization and its needs we can transform our business practices to provide you the best service with honesty, integrity and trust.




We work with nonprofit suppliers to plan, build, and manage supply solutions that deliver measurable business value, which contributes to their vital programs. We believe the best way to help customers succeed is by building long-term relationships and combining flexible support with deep experience and expertise.




With broad supply solutions and resources and in solicitation, recycling, production, retail merchandising and marketing, we find the right combination of services tailored to each customers' unique needs. We aim for you to think of TSM as a trusted advisor and an extension of your own team.

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TSM was founded in 1999 with a commitment to provide privately owned and operated thrift store chains with the best possible supply, service and solutions. TSM continues to secure mutually beneficial, annual agreements with national nonprofits in multiple regions of the U.S. We believe in leveraging partnerships with the community, nonprofits, and retailers to offer not only collection and supply, but marketing and business development services as well. We continually work to grow and evolve the resale industry.

Todd Peters is founder, President & CEO of TSM. With an extensive foundation in recycling, export, retail and logistics, Todd owns and operates multiple integrated businesses in the resale industry. He has developed long-term partnerships with a number of national nonprofits, working closely with both staff and board members. Todd previously held the position of Vendor Relations Director at Savers, Inc.


TSM is committed to being the most comprehensive resale supply business in the country. With the expertise and experience of our world-class team, TSM leads the way in developing innovative partnerships while continuing to refine best-in-class methods of resale supply.

TSM offers a comprehensive selection of services, from supply channel management to donor relations and marketing consultation. This level of specialization allows TSM to be positioned alongside growth-oriented resale operations as well as nonprofit solicitation and collection, to build a supply of donated merchandise to accommodate the specific needs of each individual customer.

The diversity of our core suppliers and buyers is the key to the overall strength of TSM. Always respectful of your organization’s mission and financial objectives, we are responsive to the ever-changing demands and opportunities of a dynamic industry and marketplace.